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Webex app learning timings for 'Do Not Disturb until' and 'Busy until' based on repeated user behaviour and providing those timings as options

This can be implemented to simplify daily 'Do Not Disturb until' and 'Busy until' timing setup. For example, daily i start my shift at 5.30 am, everyday when my shift ends, on the webex app, i click on the profile picture > Availability > Do not disturb and there i see options for 30min, 1 hour, 2 hour, 12 hour, 7 days, 14 days and set a time(refer: Image a).

So i click on set a time then from drop down i select tomorrow and in time i select 5.30 am(refer: Image b). this is a daily task for me.

The Idea that i propose is based on the repeated user behavior, when the user on webex app clicks on the profile picture > Availability apart from the presented options as 'clear', 'Busy>' and 'Do not disturb>', it should also present option for 'tomorrow 5.30 am' (refer: Image c) based on repeated user behavior.

So user can directly select that option of 'Do not disturb until tomorrow 5.30 am' instead of clicking on Do not disturb > 'set a time' then from drop down selecting tomorrow and in time selecting 5.30 am.

This would be a very practical use for our customers and webex app users and it would really enhance the user experience.

  • Gourav Suman
  • Aug 1 2023