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Add OrgId Query Parameter to List Rooms API Endpoint

Looking at the GET /v1/rooms endpoint, it appears that this endpoint will return a list of all rooms the bot is a part of which can include multiple different Webex Organizations. If you want to filter the list of rooms down to a specific organization, you'd need to retrieve each room's details ( GET /v1/rooms/{roomId} ) and then remove rooms not a part of the organization ID you are looking for.

Technically, this is works. However, for our application some customers choose to install our app on-premises entirely on their network. In the event that they want to utilize our Webex bot, our application would have to make a request to the GET /v1/rooms endpoint which would expose other customer's Webex Rooms in which they've added our public Webex Bot. For security reasons, this won't work.

What I'm requesting is that for the GET /v1/rooms endpoint, a query parameter be added GET /v1/rooms?orgId={organization ID} so that only rooms in this organization ID are returned, thus not exposing other customer's Webex Rooms.

  • Kyle
  • Aug 1 2023