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Webex-Camera with DOF-features?

I know: Cisco tries to focus on Software and Services but to sell them, it may be helpful - perhaps even necessary - to also sell the required hardware to use those Services.

How about a "Webex-Camera" (USB)?
up to 4k, high quality microphones (optimized for speech-recording), hardware-zoom and most of all: 2 Depth of Field - Cameras to support the Webex-Software with the virtual background feature to show less artefacts or semi-transparant hands etc.

Mr. John Doe in his home-office (in the attic? ;-) will hardly buy a Room-Kit but he will perhaps purchase a "Webex-Personal-Cam" (?) which comes bundled with a 6 month license of Webex-Starter.

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  • Oct 21 2020
  • Future consideration