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Add Team Bubbles to Left Bar Under Analytics Icon

Webex, in my experience, is the only team collaboration software that downlplays the community factors. What I've found across my company is everyone uses it just like a 1:1 chat system with some large random groups that aren't part of any communities. I think this is driven by the fact that Webex Teams are kind of buried under multiple clicks (Teams->Community Name) versus all other products make the "team channels" you are in very prominent (Slack, Mattermost, Discord, etc).

My suggestion is that you consider one of two options:

  1. Like Discord, you add a bubble on the left for each team you are part of so that you can easily switch between teams you are part of and see the activity occurring.

  2. Enable the new "sections" feature to automatically stay synced with a team, so all the channels you've joined on that team show up under the section.

  3. Make it easier to add a channel from the team view to your regular view. Right now if you are in the team view, you cannot right click on a channel to add it to the standard view.

  • Austin Scott
  • Aug 17 2023