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Host Role Should be Transferred from Guest user to the User (Co-Host) when he joins back

There are three users in this scenario.

- Admin user

- UserA – cohost

- UserB – not cohost

It is replicated with below path.

1. Admin user created a meeting with cohost UserA. (Admin user won’t join the meeting never)

2. UserA joined and started the meeting. UserA became the host of the meeting.

3. UserB joined the meeting. UserB is not a host/cohost.

4. UserA left the meeting. UserB became the host of the meeting because there is no host in the meeting.

5. UserA rejoined the meeting. UserB is still the host and UserA is cohost of the meeting.

Feature Requested is as below :

When UserA Rejoined the meeting, the Host role should be transferred from UserB to UserA.

  • Soumya Ranjan Mohanty
  • Aug 18 2023
  • Supreeth R Hegde commented
    22 Aug, 2023 12:20am

    Here are some further clarifications provided by the customer:

    "1 Cohost to Host Transition: For example, if User A holds a cohost role, will their role automatically transition to that of a host? Or will they continue as a cohost since they can already perform host functions? Is there consideration for a manual host role transfer in such circumstances? A: If the user A was originally set as a non-host, and then there is the user B joins who is set as a host/cohost, the host privilege should be transferred to the user B and the user A should not have a host privilege.

    2 Multiple Cohosts and Host Role: In situations where multiple cohosts are present, should the host role be automatically assigned to the first cohost who joins? A: Yes, that works.

    3 Cohost and Non-Cohost Host Transfer: Building upon the previous point, should manual host role transfers to non-cohost participants or guests be restricted when there is already a cohost in the meeting? This approach would aim to maintain consistency.

    A: Yes, non-cohost participants or guests will lose host role.