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Virtual ring/conference light embedded into Webex

Problem description:

An essential part of a great meeting experience over video is good lighting of the subject (user). However, for many users it can prove difficult to find a spot with decent natural (preferred) or artificial lighting that casts an even light onto their faces. Typically a lack of good lighting will result in lower overall video quality due to compensations for the lack of light as well as it tends to cause unflattering shadows in the subjects face. To remedy this, users and businesses might invest in different lighting solutions purposely built for this use case, such as ring/conference lights. However, for ring lights to be truly effective it relies on the subject facing the ring dead center, typically with the camera in the middle. This works well when just talking directly into the camera but might pose an issue in a meeting setting where the user is supposed to look at the screen, without the ring invasively being in front of it.

What if we could combine the lighting effect of using a ring light with a screen, without adding any extra hardware?

Suggested solution:

Virtual ring light

A feature that adds a white border around the Webex meeting at the push of a button. The white border will cast a white light onto the subjects face when facing the screen, acting as a virtual ring light.

This could be added as a software feature in the Webex desktop app in order to be leveraged across a wide variety of user devices, and as a software feature to Webex hardware devices with enough screen real estate like the Cisco Desk Pro and Desk devices.

  • Robin Lindelius
  • Aug 18 2023