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The ability to disable voice recording for sequential ringing

We were told that when we decided to go with Cisco Webex calling, that we would have the same options as Cisco CallManager, however, it is false. With CallManager, we had mobility, which would ring the desk phone 3-4 times, if no answer, it would then ring the mobile cell phone number. The only option you have is the sequential ring, which has a recording of, "please wait while we locate the person you are dialing." As soon as someone hears a recording, they hang up. We would like the ability to some sort of mobility the same way CallManager had remote destinations, which would ring the mobile device AFTER it rang the desk. Simultaneous ring is not an option, as if we are in front of our computer, we don't need our Computer ringing AND our cell phones ringing at the same time.

  • Lisa Spears
  • Aug 21 2023
  • Need more info