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Using the smartphone microphone to ask question during conference, Ciscolive, etc

I am sure many of us have either attended a Ciscolive session or seen an official press conference in a large hall and noticed how the moderator struggles with hearing questions from the audience or stumbles around to transfer the microphone from one person to another.

Now imagine a journalist in an official press meeting raising his hand to ask a question. Instead of waiting for the microphone, they use the smartphone microphone to ask your question; as a result, everyone hears the question over the conference hall audio system loud and clear without stumbling around to hand them the microphone. How cool is that?

If Uber enables their riders to play their favorite music over the car audio system, I don't see why we can't use the smartphone mic to ask questions so all audience live or remote can hear them. This feature is also helpful in recording the whole session, including the live audience's questions. How difficult is it to do it over Webex? The moderator and audience use the microphone connected to the Webex application, and feeds are broadcasted over the ballroom audio speakers.


  1. Everyone in the room hears the question loud and clear, without stumbling around to hand off the microphone from one person to another, and the moderator does need to repeat every question.

  2. It provides the ability to record all questions with the original presentation.

It is a significant differentiator, increasing Cisco's name recognition.

  • Ahmed Elrayah
  • Sep 8 2023
  • Future consideration