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Cross platform latency widget

I think a cross platform latency widget integrated into the WebEx chat platform would dramatically benefit the end user. In more rural areas where WebEx is being used by multiple individuals scattered throughout these areas, and internet speed is not the same across the board. There is the issue of latency ie sound going glitchy some users reporting hearing no sound at all. Such a feature would provide users with real-time information about their network connection quality, helping them identify and address potential issues that could affect the quality of their video conferencing experience. It would also offer transparency and help users understand if their current network conditions are suitable for a smooth video call. The widget will continuously monitor the latency of the user's network connection in real-time. It will display the current latency value, measured in milliseconds, prominently on the user interface. Also provide a comprehensive view of network performance, the widget will also display other relevant indicators, such as packet loss and jitter. These indicators will help users understand the overall health of their network connection. The widget will be designed to work seamlessly across various platforms and operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Users will be able to install and use the widget on their preferred devices and applications.

  • Ranald Clark
  • Sep 15 2023
  • Ranald Clark commented
    16 Sep, 2023 03:13pm

    There internet latency extensions for chrome edge etc but as of yet nothing for video conferencing/online gaming and a vast amm of other platforms.

  • Ranald Clark commented
    16 Sep, 2023 10:09am
    Also please note there a currently no other platforms that have this integrated .There are plenty of forums and discussion groups on cross platform latency. But as of yet it has not been implemented anywhere on any software. Have a search in Google and see for yourself.