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When navigating from a deleted user, please provide a way to get back to the deleted user's list.

When navigating from a deleted user, please provide a way to get back to the deleted user's list.

Currently, when I have a deleted user open, I have to go back to the Users list, select Deleted Users, and find where I left off. It's very time-consuming to find freed-up extensions. If you have a better way, I'd love to hear it.

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  • Sep 15 2023
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  • Guest commented
    20 Nov, 2023 01:38pm

    I should have been more clear. While working on the deleted user's page getting the released extensions I have to click on a deleted user and look at their location to see if they are assigned a location. That is how I know they had an extension. Then I click on the Calling tab to get the location. I'm finished with this user and need to move on to the next user. I then have to get back to the Deleted Users list. But my only option is to return to the User list and click on the Deleted Users section. Two clicks, when a back button would help.

    I don't reuse an extension for at least 3 months after someone has separated from the company. I would prefer if the location and extension were listed in the Deleted User table, that would save me so much time gathering the information on reclaimed extensions. I have another aha for that suggestion.

  • Admin
    Alec Walker commented
    18 Nov, 2023 11:38am

    I want to make sure we confirm the problematic behavior and the update expected. Is this simply saying that when you delete a user, the user detail screen does not dismiss, and you have to manually select "back" to see the refreshed user list view (minus the now-deleted user)?