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Video meetings rely on participants staying in the frame of their cameras. And whether you’re presenting an idea to colleagues or teaching a class of students, any movements out of the center can disrupt the meeting.

Require Intelligent framing with laptop cameras is good for solo participants. While most people spend most of the time sitting squarely in front of their laptops, there are enough people sitting far back, or wandering, that tracking is real plus for visual understanding by viewers.
Auto-framing tracks where you are and automatically keeps you at the center of your video. This ensures that

  • you always stay in frame and

  • keep your meetings distraction-free.

  • Improve your visibility in video calls

Seeing the user up close makes it easier to:

  • Read facial expressions and body language.

  • Maintain eye contact with meeting participants.

  • Smoothly take turns in the conversation.

Depending on their camera placement, some meeting participants might be less visible than others. Auto framing adjusts your video before joining a meeting to help ensure equal visibility for all participants.

Person Framing: zoom in to and follow people in the video. It does this without cropping the video. It finds the best framing of the people in the scene while maintaining the same aspect ratio and resolution as the source video.

Refer: SPARK-401371

  • Mohammed Ismail Rafideen
  • Sep 21 2023