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Option for Users for Blocking the fraud calls in Webex app for UCM calling setup.

Option needs to be added in the Webex app, for the user, if the right click on one of the call in calling section, they will get an option to block the users so that they don't receive the call from the same number any more.

Let say there is a user A, receiving a call from a unknown number 12xxxxxx.

if User A right click on the number in calling section, gets an option to block the user from further calling.

  • Soumya Ranjan Mohanty
  • Sep 27 2023
  • Future consideration
  • Guest commented
    16 Nov, 2023 01:59pm

    @Ho Bao: Thanks for evaluating on-prem support. Please consider that Webex Cloud Calling is not available everywhere (outside the US), therefore on-prem UCM is our only option and would help us advancing from Jabber to Webex-App!

  • Admin
    Ho Bao commented
    16 Nov, 2023 01:04pm

    Block phone number is already available with Webex Cloud Calling. Evaluating changes for on-prem UCM.

  • Jones Adam commented
    28 Sep, 2023 05:36am

    To enable users to block fraudulent calls in the Webex app for UCM calling, a user-friendly interface should be designed, allowing users to right-click on a call and block the number. A database should be employed to store blocked numbers and user permissions, with a mechanism to check user authorization. Blocked numbers should be incorporated into call routing logic, diverting or rejecting calls from blocked numbers. Notifications and user documentation should be updated to inform users of this feature. Extensive testing and a feedback mechanism should be implemented, while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations for privacy and call blocking. @codzgarage

  • Francine Millman commented
    27 Sep, 2023 03:07pm

    This is an absolute MUST in this day and age. How is it that Cisco does not already have that for users so they can manage the ridiculous number of scam and fraud calls made to businesses minute by minute.

    The feature should only block for that person, not for the entire company, unless you add an option for the person to select that.