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Increase the character limit for messages

The current limit hinders the ability to share logs and other console output (with sufficient context) with others. It's reasonable to not expect to share hundreds of lines of log output, and using a file seems reasonable, since the recipient would likely want to use an editor to go through them. But it seems entirely reasonable to expect to copy a selection of output from console and share directly. This is not possible at the moment.

For example, I am attempting to debug a crashed process with someone, and I'm not able to copy/paste the command I used and the output from the debugger that was produced as text in a message.

Many resort to grabbing a screenshot, but that's difficult for the recipient to analyze, and impossible for them to copy text from to either duplicate steps, or extract details from for further investigation.

Creating a text file and sharing that file adds friction to both the sender and recipient, and raises the question as to why a text file of a given size is suitable to share, but raw text is not.

Ideally there'd be no character limit but more realistically, something like 10k characters would be more accessible for the type of collaboration we need to be doing.

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  • Oct 2 2023
  • Future consideration