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Webex Calling Administration Access Rights

End customers are asking us (partners) to provide access to webex control hub (Services > Calling) access so they can manage users and some features but currently there is no such access level or sub access level. Currently Administrator roles available are :
1. Support admin
2. User and device admin
3. Device admin
4. Compliance officer
5. Webex Calling Detail Call History API Access

We need administrator roles / access level like: (First level)
Services > Calling > Numbers (View or Edit)
Services > Calling >Virtual Lines (View or Edit)
Services > Calling > Managed Gateways (View or Edit)

Services > Calling > Features (1st Level) > (View or Edit)
Services > Calling > Client Settings (View or Edit)

Second / Sub Level access like: (2nd Level)
Services > Calling > Features> Auto Attendant (View or Edit) / Location
Services > Calling > Features> Call Queue (View or Edit) / Location
Services > Calling > Features> Hunt Group (View or Edit) / Location
and so on....

In this case, we can restrict or provide access per function / location to a administrator. Kindly create new roles of administrator so we can provide or restrict access to per calling function / location


  • Muhammad Abdul Rahman
  • Oct 5 2023
  • Planned
  • Admin
    Alec Walker commented
    29 Nov, 2023 01:49pm

    A new custom role builder is planned for CY2024. This will provide the ability to create custom roles that match many if not all of the role scenarios you describe. Please visit the Collaboration roadmap on SalesConnect for more information. You can find additional information on Webex Calling Coming Soon as the release date approaches.