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Regarding the function of synchronous interpretation, I suggest a correction function, as long as the interpreter is not speaking, the sound of the original audio will appear in the interpretation channel design It is strange

The function of synchronous interpretation allows the channel to be translated without the original audio when the interpreter has not yet translated, even if the lever is pulled to the interpreter's end。In the case of Chinese-English interpreting, if the original voice of the lecturer is now Chinese, the interpreter will translate the Chinese into English, and the audience will listen to English.If the lecturer continues to say Chinese, and the interpreter does not translate it very quickly, it may take about 3-5 seconds to translate, and the original Chinese voice will appear on the English channel.Until the interpreter started talking, but this will confuse many viewers as to why Chinese original voice appeared again on the English channel.

Make sure to turn the balance bar all the way to the interpreter's end, as long as the interpreter doesn't make a sound for a while。If Floor has a voice all the time, the audience will hear Floor's voice.

  • Denis Chen
  • Oct 12 2023