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Bulk Line Key Template update overwrites KEM configuration

There are two ways to apply Line Key templates to a device; 1) per phone or 2) in bulk.

  1. In the 'Per Phone' scenario, the new Line Key template can be applied without impact to the configured KEM configuration.

  2. In the 'Bulk' scenario, applying a Line Key template to a phone with KEM configurations will remove all KEM settings and require them to be reconfigured.

The request is to be able to apply Line Key templates in Bulk without impacting any KEM configurations, following the same as behavior as 'Per Phone'.

NOTE: There is a temporary workaround, by tagging phones that have KEM modules and then in the 'Bulk' application process "Exclude" devices that have the KEM tag. This allows Bulk updating phones that do not have KEM configurations. However, this is not optimal, since it requires manual updates for the remaining 'KEM' devices.

  • Greg Leggett
  • Oct 13 2023