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Webex Teams Window should remember its desktop position when restored from a notification popup

The Webex Teams window keep re-centering itself every time it is restored by clicking on a popup notification. I run Windows 10, have a 4K monitor, and I like to manage the desktop layout in a certain way that keeps me organized, but Webex Teams is the only application that does not want to play nice and keeps moving its window to the center of my screen every time it is restored by clicking on the popup notification.

For most applications, this would not be too much of an issue because they are not opened/re-opened as much as a messaging app, but it has come to the point that I am really tired of moving Webex around all the time.

I know that there are tools (like WinSize2) that assist with this, but I thought I would report it here because Webex clearly has different behavior than other applications when it comes to this. It should also be noted that I have tried this both the Aero placement feature and manual positioning/sizing. For Aero I have noticed that Windows does not remember the size and position of the Areo-assisted placement for other apps and that the "floating" size and position is the one it saves, so I have even attempted to manually place Webex without using any Aero feature. For other applications, I can resize away from the edge and then move it to where I want it without any help from Aero and it will re-open in the same location. But when I do this with Webex, it inevitably ends up centering itself and I have to move it back to where I want it manually.

  • Guest
  • Oct 23 2020
  • Future consideration
  • Sandy Sparr commented
    23 Jun, 2022 02:41pm

    The multi call window resizes to a point that it can't be used unless I have 2 monitors with one under the other. This issue makes mult call window app unusable.

  • Dwight Reifsnyder commented
    22 Jun, 2022 01:03pm

    Seems like such a simple thing - Do the developers think that Webex is so important and so much better than all other applications that it always deserves to be in the center of the screen? Although there is Hanlons Razor...

  • Guest commented
    27 May, 2022 03:50am

    When I turn on my laptop everyday, Webex Teams Window auto launches in the centre of the desktop and doesn't remember the size and position I last adjusted.

  • Guest commented
    2 Dec, 2021 04:21am

    Any updates or progress on this? As many have mentioned, its little things like this that drive people crazy and are easy fixes. We have a lot of users that use large 4k monitors and rely on apps staying where they are set, this disrupts them constantly for what would've been a mostly positive move from Jabber.

  • Guest commented
    16 Nov, 2021 09:55pm

    Also , when in a chat, if someone posts a .JPG and you open it ,the displayed image (for me atleast) defaults to top-left corner of the screen... which on a 4K monitor that runs Display Settings for scale @ 125%.. is positioned enough off the screen in such a way you cant natively click and drag it back on screen.

  • Rahul Trivedi commented
    18 Oct, 2021 03:07pm

    By far the most annoying this about this product. I have stopped clicking on notifications on use the new back/forward arrows since it always ends up repositioning my window. This needs to be addressed sooner rather than later so that these basic features are usable without annoyance.

  • Ken Kuhns commented
    2 Sep, 2021 08:43pm

    This is quite possibly the most annoying behavior for this application. Why would the main app's window move when clicking on a notification? This is the only app I use where this happens. Please upgrade this to a higher priority than "future consideration"

  • Guest commented
    23 Aug, 2021 03:03pm

    This should be much more important that Future Consideration. It should have been featured at it's inception like every other app out there. Why in world did they not do any usability testing on this before it launched. This is IMO, the largest, most obvious oversite of any software I have ever used.

  • Guest commented
    14 Jul, 2021 01:06pm

    WebEx Connect and Jabber for Windows remember size and position, it's disappointing that the new unified Webex client constantly goes back to its default size, and appears in different places on my monitors after I log into the desktop. It's the only program I have that does this.

  • Ken Frank commented
    10 Jun, 2021 06:16pm

    How is this not default behavior? And yes, please fix for WebEx Meetings client as well.

  • Felix von Zadow commented
    21 Apr, 2021 06:59am

    Please fix this! A thread on the community forums has screenshots attached to illustrate the problem, just in case it's not perfectly obvious:

  • Wade Hunter commented
    26 Feb, 2021 07:40pm

    This is still a REALLY annoying issue. Why would you reset the window position every time we click a message notification??

  • Guest commented
    24 Oct, 2020 09:41am

    Please fix that for the Webex-Meetings Client also, thanks.