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Enable forwarding a forwarded webex teams post with contents, text and attachments which is disabled today

We often get a Webex teams chat post that is forwarded from someone and has contents and attachments. We often need to further forward with all contents such post to other teams, people, groups spaces etc. Webex is unnecessarily restricting further forwarding such forwarded message and when tried it omits the actual contents of the original message by design. This is a BAD design since there is no attempt to gather whether original content poster owner ever intended to not have their message forwarded elsewhere. They should have been able to decide if their message, content or attachment is sharable to others as is, and if so whether they should be notified of such activity to enable tracking. If they have no objections of what they forwarded, why is Webex teams restricting further forwarding of such message to others?

This is an urgent need since it blocks our ability to freely conduct business, share ideas within our teams and gather feedback. The alternative is cumbersome downloading and adding further text and explanation to manually forward. Current state is causing us a waste of time and resources, and request this shortcoming be prioritized higher and fixed soon. Please contact me for any further questions at -- thanks

  • Niki Mehta
  • Oct 19 2023
  • Future consideration