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Ability to toggle and hide/unhide uploaded content instead of removing it

Right now, in order to switch to "grid" (participant video) view after uploading a PowerPoint, the presenter must remove/delete all uploaded files. Then the presenter must upload the deck again (and usually have to navigate directly to where they left off - usually causing delays and interruptions in the presentation flow). Having the ability to hide all uploaded content and switch to the grid view to see everyone on camera and have a discussion, then be able to toggle it back to the uploaded content to where the presenter left off will allow a more seamless experience. Note: the presenter would want to sync the view so that when they toggle this feature it is forced for all participants as well.

  • Stephen Nagle
  • Oct 31 2023
  • Future consideration
  • Admin
    Chenggang Tang commented
    4 Jan 10:17am

    Won't change in Webex

    In, user can simply stop the file sharing, then when needed, the user can find the already uploaded file in the Share dialog -> File tab, and share it again.

    But it's a valid suggestion, thanks, we will consider it in

  • Sarah Sade commented
    2 Nov, 2023 03:56pm

    yes, please! This would be so helpful and definitely support better engagement. It can be so disruptive to have to pull the deck down and then back up, especially when the thumbnail or "enter page number" options glitch (happens to me often on PC) and it takes forever to get back to the right slide.

  • Ellie Braham commented
    31 Oct, 2023 08:59pm

    Excellent suggestion Stephen and very much needed especially when we see that other platforms (Zoom, MS Teams, GoogleMeet) support a feature where content can be easily brought up and down to improve engagement. Thank you for submitting this idea.