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Less than a space, more than an email: Thread

I find I am using WebEx Spaces for more than 90% of internal communications. I think the functionality of WebEx can and should replace email, at least for internal stuff in the near future. However there are many occasions where I find I need to communicate with 2 or more people and setting up a space is too much for the purpose given it will likely be short term and does not need to add to the growing list of spaces I have. I think a solution could be something that could, perhaps, be called a thread. Threads would live in a different section from Spaces and would be initiated like an email, where you create one, identify who should be on the thread and then give it a subject. It would still create a space, but it would automatically get archived if no on in thread communicates on the thread in say, two weeks - which could be user configurable. The benefit is that it’s not as intrusive or presumptuous as a space, in the sense that you are not setting expectations of it being a project or needing long term collaboration. Adding someone to a space without first letting them know you are going to add them can be presumptuous and make the person wonder why they have been added and what’s expected of them. With a thread, it has lowered expectations because it can be more ephemeral and seem like less an imposition on the long list of spaces they have to stay I top of. There could be a feature that could allow a thread to be upgraded to a space, if needed, but, otherwise, it serves the purpose of short term collaboration that fades into the background.

  • Joshua McCloud
  • Nov 9 2023
  • Already exists
  • Joshua McCloud commented
    29 Nov, 2023 12:46am

    Indeed. I noticed the updated feature like a day or two after I posted this! I think its a great addition. I'd love to at least see these "start a conversation" spaces have the option of living in a different section. Per the attached, there could be a new section for "conversations"? Also, it would be good to be able to "promote" a conversation to a space. Thanks!

  • Brian Callinan commented
    28 Nov, 2023 01:40pm

    We address most of what you're looking for with this recently released feature:

    Notable exception being the ephemeral aspect