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Access to WebEx recording causes troublesome consequences...

Instructors like me usually schedule meetings from Canvas (a popular learning management system), so students in the same online course can click the Cisco WebEx embedded in the Canvas learning management system to participate in pre-scheduled WebEx session/meetings.

What I've discovered is that students who did not participate in the LIVE WebEx session can easily access the WebEx recording through the Canvas route described above. This is not necessarily a problem. The issue lies in the fact that WebEx does not allow me to check who has (or has not) reviewed the recording, and I have no information about additional review details, such as how long each student spent reviewing the recording and when they reviewed the recording.

An easy solution? Possibly. Please kindly close the recording backdoor --- by allowing only the host who initially scheduled the WebEx to have access to the recording. Why?

It is because there is an APP that links my campus streaming video site to my WebEx account. Thus, I can enable the APP and select the relevant WebEx recording(s) to make them accessible online. Specifically, I can post the recording's URL (generated/hosted by my school's streaming service) on the Canvas site for students to review the recordings, and my campus streaming video will reveal relevant review details. Accordingly, I can send a courtesy reminder to those who do not review the recording video before the next online quiz. Such information is not available via the current WebEx setting (which only reveals the participants in the LIVE WebEx session, with NO statistics about the recording).

Please help!

  • Maxwell Hsu
  • Nov 13 2023