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Add per-Directory Number PSTN Failover Strip Digits and PSTN Failover Prepend Digits parity from GDPR Patterns

Global Dial Plan Replication feature offers the ability to advertise Patterns and Directory Numbers over the ILS network to adjoining Call Manager clusters.

For both Patterns and Directory Numbers ...

... the Pattern or variations of Directory Number alternate number forms can be "advertised" through ILS to GDPR

For both Patterns and Directory Numbers ...

... advertised "PSTN Failover Number" can be selected to be included in the ILS record, limited to choice of "None", "Enterprise Number", or "+E.164 Number.


Additionally, for advertised Patterns only ...

... two additional fields are available:
PSTN Failover Strip Digits
PSTN Failover Prepend Digits

to alter prefix routing digits in the advertised PSTN Failover Number accompanying the advertised direct dialed Pattern.


It would be helpful to add fields
Strip Digits
Prepend Digits
to the Directory Number Configuration page
for entry, to the right of the existing Advertised Failover Number field in the "PSTN Failover for Enterprise Alternate Number, +E164 Alternate Number, and URI Dialing" section ...

... to give feature parity from the global GDPR Pattern config
to the same config at the Directory Number level.

If AFN = None, these new fields could be ignored or greyed out. They would only apply to the selected Advertised Failover Number ("Enterprise Number" or "+E164 Number", as selected on the DN page.

So that the same option for prefixing the advertised PSTN Failover number along with the advertised EAN, +E164, and URI alternate numbers is available at the Directory Number level in addition to the GDPR Pattern level.

The reason for NOT doing this in the existing Number Mask fields of the EAN and +E.164 sections of the DN page is to avoid changing the OCN/RDR values during a Redirection (Forward) when terminating a call at this DN upon a match of those alt numbers within their LRPs ... but just for the purpose of prefixing the advertised PSTN Fail number sent with the selected (EAN or +E.164) advertised (masked) DN pattern.

Inserting prefix digits for a PSTN Failover advertisement (only) in the PSTN Failover advertised would keep masked or unmasked numbers in the EAN/+E.164 "as is" during termination/redirection of the call, i.e. to voicemail. And would bring feature parity within PSTN Failover feature from global advertised Patterns method to the Line specific advertised DNs.

  • Guest
  • Nov 20 2023