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When joining a meeting as a guest from webexApp on Webex Suite Meeting Platform, "Unverified" is displayed under the display name.User would like a function to be added to Control Hub strongly so that can control this function.


There is a design where "Not verified" is displayed under the user's display name when participating in a webexApp (PC/IOS/Android) meeting as a guest on the "Webex Suite Meeting Platform".

The customer did not like this design and strongly requested that we at least make it possible to control it on the management screen (ControlHub).

Could you please help and confirm below two points?

1.Will it be possible to add a control option for this function in Control Hub in the future?

2.If possible, could you please confirm when it will be added?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

  • Hong Nan
  • Nov 21 2023
  • PPP-ITS Fulwood commented
    4 Jan 12:08am

    This change negatively impacts SCDPPP hearings in a legal hearing settings when it comes to our board members or prisons. Having unverified show up for SCDC prison sites that connect with polycom or our board members that also connect with polycom will not work. We need option to turn this off if possible. We currently cant use new platform in hearings due to this unverified message.