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Office Hours in Location

I propose having office hours configured in the Control Hub Location area, and usable by more than just the Meeting devices (e.g. phones).

From reading over the Meeting device settings, this is configured on each device without any centralization to the settings and does not include the phone devices. The proposal is to set the Location Hours, in the Location Info section of the Location, so that the time range can filter down to the Meeting and Calling devices that are associated with the Location. Meeting devices can use the Location Hours to turn on and off, with the optional device settings being specific to each device (e.g. WakeUpOnMotion, etc.), and the Calling devices can use this to place the phone screen into sleep mode (i.e. screen off).

Currently, the Calling devices have to adjusted based on a template and do not have an option to use a "Sleep schedule", similar to the options with Enterprise (CUCM) registered devices. Currently Calling devices only have the option of going to sleep (i.e. turning off the screen) after a specific idle time. Two issues with this; 1) this does not align with prior experience from a CUCM registered device where the phone screen would be on during business hours and the screen would be off otherwise (manual wake up was still possible), and 2) having the screen on 24x7 is not energy efficient and 3) prematurely entering a sleep state during the business day is visually disruptive.

The proposal would centralize the Location Hours variable for current and future Meeting/Calling/etc. devices, which will also reduce the administrative overhead of configuring each Meeting device or defining a static Calling device template for multiple locations.

  • Greg Leggett
  • Nov 21 2023