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Real time speech to speech translator with receiver configured language

Webex users should be able to set a language preference for his/her account. Capture the voice sample of the webex user. When the user participates in the meeting, the user should get the speech audio translated to the target language, the translated audio can be in actual user voice who is speaking by using the sample voice collected at the time of preferred language configuration of the other user. The translation can happen at each users receiving end who are participating in the meeting.

For e.g. In a meeting everyone should receive the audio in the language set as preference. If a user set her/his preferred language as Chinese then she/he should receive meeting audio conversation in Chinese where the translation happens in the receiving end.

This helps in multilingual real time audio support with users own voice in meetings. By default it can be set to English. This can be used by any webex services where it involves audio communication with multi parties for e.g. meetings, contact center.

  • Naveen Boraiah Puttalingaiah
  • Nov 27 2023
  • Naveen Boraiah Puttalingaiah commented
    27 Nov, 2023 08:32pm

    This is related to speech to speech translation and not speech to text translation.