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Alternate text preview in notification Toasts when using AdaptiveCards

Hi @all,

as suggested by webex developer support, I would like to discuss the following behavior and would create this Idea.

Current behavior (Client inconsistent): When a message with an AdaptiveCard as content is sent, the accompanying alternative text appears as a preview in the toast notification under Windows and Android. The alternative text usually specifies the title or header of the AdaptiveCard, allowing the recipient of the message to know the content of the message or AdaptiveCard without opening it. Under iOS, the user sees only the text "User XY shared a card". This behavior is inconsistent across different clients. iOS does not show alternative text, while Android and Windows do. It is important to emphasize that this is about the message preview.

I have already created a support ticket for this. The feedback from Engineering is: "Our Engineers confirmed that actually it is not expected that the text value should be shown in the notification toast. So, in actual fact, what you saw in the iOS App is the expected behavior."

I believe, and have received substantial feedback from my customers, that a meaningful preview text is useful for an AdaptiveCard. The reason is that the preview allows the customer to decide whether the message is relevant to them or not. "XY shared a card" is not informative and forces the user to unlock their device, open the Webex client, and specifically select the message to understand the content or topic.

Our customers and we desire consistent behavior regarding the alternative text or the option to specify a "preview text" for adaptive cards. "Shared a Card" does not contribute to the CX.

BTW: An alternative text is specified for clients that cannot display Adaptive Cards. I have yet to see a client that cannot display Adaptive Cards. However, the Adaptive Cards cannot be rendered in the preview, so I expect the alternative text here (since it cannot be rendered).

I would appreciate any feedback.

User Story: As a Webexuser I would like to see a preview-text in the notification toast if the message content is an adaptiveCard.

Best Regards Patrick

  • Patrick Rieken
  • Dec 1 2023
  • Future consideration