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Use Room Kit Mini as Wide angle Camera for Room Kit Plus/Pro

As plain as the title suggests. Allow the Room Kit Mini to function as a camera for the Room Kit Plus, Room Kit Pro, Room Panorama etc.

To be able to plug the Video out of the RK Mini into a parent room system, use the LAN connection of the mini as the camera control line, then power.

The RK Mini is the only device in the portfolio that can capture Wide Angle views for spaces that need it. But not all spaces that could benefit from a wide angle of the RK Mini can be fully supported by the RK mini, and thus need more displays, cameras, mics, etc.

We're able to emulate this now with Macros, but to be able to just add in an RK Mini as you would a Quadcamera/P60 would be ideal. It would simplify deployment and increase the flexibility of your endpoint catalog as well.

It would be even better, if the Room USB could support this, as it's a lower cost, and won't function as a full fledged system anyway, being a camera.

If the Mini Microphone data can be passed along the HDMI to the parent Room Device as a microphone input source, that would be fantastic.

Not sure if the Output of the Mini supports it, but if ARC could be enabled to make use of the speaker, then that's icing on the cake.

I'd be happy to provide more information.


  • robert mcgonigle jr
  • Oct 28 2020
  • Need more info