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Target field for SpeakerTrack Cameras

The Cisco Speakertacking cameras are great at picking up faces. But maybe they're too good....

Some spaces have displays at all kinds of angles showing faces and some even have windows with people walking by, or staring into a meeting.

There has been many occasion when I set up a space and wished I could configure Speakertrack to avoid certain sections of a space, especially when working in conjunction with the Presenter tracking camera.

I think would be great if we could set up a preferred speaker tracking field on the Quadcaemra of Room Devices similar to Presenter tracking.

In this example image, we can see that a Quadcamera in this room is picking up faces on several displays, but we can clearly see, that the camera should be focused on the rear table rather than each identical face on each display over a call.

If we could just set a boundary for tracking in that region, then it would more or less resolve this use case, and I'm sure many others.

  • robert mcgonigle jr
  • Oct 28 2020