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Allow Configuration of Logout URL Within Webex Control Hub

When SSO is configured, Webex is expecting a Single Log Out (SLO) URL to come from the IdP through the metadata file. However, SLO is not the desired experience in our case since we do not actually want to invalidate the IdP session token for other apps using SSO. To configure any other URL other than the actual SLO URL from the IdP is a deviation from standard and not supported in our environment. It would require the metadata to be manually updated every time IdP certificates are refreshed. Not having an SLO URL configured from the IdP results in a generic error page from Webex (screenshot attached "Webex_Logout").

Other SaaS applications we use (such as Pindrop and Salesforce) do not utilize SLO. Instead, the Access Management team provides us with a graceful WAM logout URL that we can input into the SaaS application's SSO configuration for local logout (screenshot attached "Pindrop_Logout"). Webex Control Hub has no such option today.

We are requesting this feature be implemented for a more user-friendly logout experience when SLO is not desired.

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  • Dec 11 2023