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Increase number of NDI Outputs

Currently there is a limit of NDI outputs - 4 presnters, 1 content share, 1 active speaker. Competitors such as teams is far less limited than this.
The limit of individual speaker NDI outputs should be increased, or there should be an option to use an individual speaker instead of an active speaker or even self view, as i personally do not use these.

Teams is leading the way with NDI currently whilst NDI is becoming a household name in the AV sector

  • Christopher McColl
  • Dec 12 2023
  • Need more info
  • Christopher McColl commented
    14 Feb 07:52pm

    Hi Darrick
    Thanks - appreciate your response and detailed explanation.
    Our use case, as i know with others from the AV production world, is pull NDI sources from a video call client - in our case WebEx. We the ingest these into an external software (vMix, OBS, wirecast etc) to create custom layouts and shows. When we ingest the inputs we almost always rescale these outputs so they are smaller than full screen 1920 x 1080 video. Layouts of course vary but video's often end up at probably something like 960 or 640 px wide. Video quality is always important of course but we would be happy for that video resolution to adjust depending on pip size.
    4 NDI outputs is often enough, but more often now we have shows were 5/6 or more presenters are needed on one layout. As i say, in this case these video windows was be small and far smaller than full size 1920 px.

    I would be interested to know more about the workflow of using additional webex clients. I assume you mean additional devices? Unfortunately for us in a corperate network this is very difficult to achieve.

    Let me know if the addition of NDI outputs would be a realistic future feature update.

    Thanks again - look forward to hearing more.

  • Darrick Deel commented
    14 Feb 07:36pm

    If you have any use cases that you would like to share where it is appropirate to have more video participants at lower quality, we can consider these use cases in future updates.

  • Darrick Deel commented
    14 Feb 07:35pm

    Teams operates on a different model where you only have indirect control of what gets output via NDI. They output the video streams available in the current layout at the quality presented in the layout. So while you could get more video streams out of a "single client", the quality, control, and unpredictability will adversely impact the downstream video production. When you output a participant from Webex with NDI, it will output the best quality stream available for the selected participant. For customers that are using NDI as part of their event workflow it is almost always 1080p. Teams cannot output 4 partipants at this quality level. We provide a smaller number of high quality streams with no watermarks to help facilitate high quality video event production. If you need more than 4 participant streams, you can use additional NDI enabled Webex clients to get more unique participants into your NDI environment.