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Special Space Type for Helpdesk / Questions to be answered by a team member

It would be great to have a way for team members to ask a question to a team where only one person from that team needs to answer. This would be for instance for IT helpdesk, for Employees asking HR about benefits, for Employees asking somebody in Accounting about expense report policies, etc.

Right now, the problem is that the user has to know the person's name. In addition, it means that there is no easy way to share the load of questions. The most senior member in the department gets all the questions, because that is the person that everybody knows.

So ideally, there would be some typical helpdesk flow where somebody asks a questions, it goes to a pool of people, somebody can "pick" the question to answer it and start dialoging with the person that asked, without bothering everybody else.

A way to maybe implement this using existing Team Groups:

1) Add a Feature on the Team Level called "allow questions from everybody outside this team"

2) A regular user can then in the top "Search" field enter the name of the team, even if they are not a member, and the only option will be "Ask this Team a Question"

3) if a new Question comes in, that question then creates a new temporary space where all members of the team can see it

4) as soon as one team member answers in that space, all the other team members get removed automatically, so that they don't keep getting notifications while somebody else is already handling the request.

  • Robert Hawke
  • Dec 19 2023
  • Future consideration