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Webex Teams Chat - Nonintuitive Design

I have worked with 3 different collaboration tools in a professional setting: Slack, MS Teams, and Webex Teams. While each have/had their strengths and weaknesses, I comfortable saying that Webex is a distant last place in my mind. I could spend a lot of time explaining all the quirks and nuances about Webex that make my life difficult, but I don’t want to this to turn into a wall of text. With that in mind, I want to highlight one of the most upsetting things about your tool.

From what I can tell, Webex supports two high-level tiers of text chat—direct chats (via spaces), and conference call chats. The level of functionality and automation between to two tiers is lopsided, and clunky. Let’s do a quick comparison of MS Teams vs Webex Teams:

MS Teams:

  • Chats are persistent. If I’m in a conference call, AND someone in the call adds chat comments, Teams will automatically create a chat space.

  • Teams automatically creates a title for that space (i.e. the name of the conference call).

  • Chats support the FULL chatting features: file drops, emoticons, gifs, etc.

Webex Teams:

  • Conference call chats are not persistent, so anything added to the chat disappears once the call is over.

  • If I want to create a chat with all conference call attendees, I have to separately create a space and include all the invitees from the original meeting

  • Conference call chats are bizarrely and inexplicably scaled down versions of the direct chats. We are unable to drop files, or include emoticons/GIFs.

I’m sure Webex had it’s reason for its chat architecture, but speaking from a user point of view, this is an objectively bad design. Full disclosure, I have several complaints about Webex, and I could write about them endlessly, but the above issue is paramount in my mind. Please for the love of God, work with your product people and fix this nonsense. Literally nobody wants it to work like this.

  • Sam Masters
  • Jan 22 2024
  • Already exists
  • Sam Masters commented
    23 Jan 02:05pm

    My idea was changed to "Already Exists". Can you add some clarity to that?