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While in Hands on Lab, the host will copy something (text) and then attendees will paste on their side.

1. While in HoL’s, the host will copy something (text) and then paste it into their HoL. For example, username, password, etc.

2. All the participants will now have it on their clipboard and can paste that exact same text in HoL’s.

For example, if I copy a username from a spreadsheet and paste it into a sticky note or in a website. Now you, along with other participants, can paste that exact same username in HoL’s even though they did not copy it, and visa versa.

In summary, when in a Webex session and HoL has started. If we copy something locally on our laptop, any participant can paste it locally on their laptop and visa versa. A bad scenario would be what if a participant is multitasking during a session or works during a break from training and he/she copies sensitive data locally on their machine, any participant and the host can then paste it locally on their machines. We are not referring to VDI/HoLs .. We are referring to them being able to copy what was pasted to their physical laptops.

Please fix this as it can be catalogue as a security breach.

  • Alberto Hernandez Hernandez
  • Jan 23 2024
  • Future consideration