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UC applications VM support for NTNX AHV

With all of the massive changes Broadcom is making to VMWare and in light of our new partnership with Nutanix I have multiple customers asking for all UC virtual machines (CUCM, etc...) to support the Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor. This could be a huge revenue opportunity - easily 1M in my two accounts alone. One of my customers is a casino group and they must keep calling control on prem to satisfy gaming regulations.

Please add your customers and user counts in notes.

Neither Nutanix nor HCI BU has been able to provide one.

  • Andy Cloyd
  • Jan 24 2024
  • Nuno Bras commented
    27 Feb 04:11pm

    Minister of Internal Administration has several Cisco platforms particularly CUCM doing in a short future the refresh of their Hyperflex infrastructure to HCI with Nutanix. For now going with ESXi is not a blocker and this would be a much simpler opportunity to close if AHV supported CUCM.

    Opportunity ~1.1M $

  • Nuno Bras commented
    27 Feb 04:09pm

    Wurth which is an HPE customer is very open to refresh their infra with HCI and AHV (given all this Broadcom/Vmware situation) and they have CUCM that would be important to have certified.

    If not, option is to have on ESXi which can move the account away from Cisco and the cost of ESXi is the detractor for them.

    ~300K $ opportunity

  • Raul Chavez commented
    23 Feb 04:00pm

    I am having a conversation with Kettle Moraine SD (KMSD) in WI and just had another with Oconomowoc SD about supporting voice on Nutanix. The partners are telling all K12s that VMware is going to increase their cost from 2 to 10% so the schools are looking for alternatives to VMware. In the case of KMSD, they are trying to come up with their plan now.

  • Guest commented
    20 Feb 10:47am

    Military communication and information systems still use various on-prem-only VoIP solutions, which still require nowadays vSphere STD for e.g. autarky in missions. Because such systems do need ANY [long term supported] hypervisor in order to run CUCM/vCUBE/CME !

  • Yakov Shtoots commented
    18 Feb 04:36pm

    Karmel Tunnels customer currently runs UC apps on vSphere and plans to migrate to Nutanix AHV, so the ask from this customer is to support AHV

  • Vinnie Chin commented
    16 Feb 07:27pm

    DOJ EOIR asked if Cisco could support Azure or Nutanix on CUCM and CMS since they have made a decision to move away from VMWare

  • Omar Capacetti commented
    12 Feb 04:12pm

    ANG Customer with 80k+ CUs Will be looking into migrating to Nutanix soon.

    690th ISS migrating to Nutanix as we speak and are really hoping to see all Cisco APPS supporting AHV as they migrate, 50k+ CUs

  • John Lawrence commented
    12 Feb 02:41pm

    Tons of my DIB Customers are running HX for UC applications. Not having a roadmap off of ESXi would cause major issues for Cisco. Customer just bought new HX deployment and we deployed 25000 seats and are looking for a ramp off of HX to NTNX. Customer will not run this in the Cloud unless all FedRamp Certs are in place. Not just FedRamp Authroized.

  • Steve Wasko commented
    9 Feb 09:25pm

    US Air Force - thousands of users running on HX today and we need a migration plan.

  • Mike Sumy commented
    9 Feb 07:46pm

    I have at least 3 customers that would benefit from AHV support for all collab products.

  • Timothy Bacon commented
    9 Feb 07:42pm

    Palomino, they are going AHV, they currently have a wavier to continue to operate our UC applications but that won't last, they have been asking for AHV support for a couple years now.

  • James Arias commented
    8 Feb 09:29pm

    Cisco Collaboration onprem apps on Nutanix-with-ESXi is already possible, and we've had production customers for years.

    If you have a joint customer asking for Nutanix-with-AHV, feel free to append to this Aha with the customer name & the user count (to date, feels like the Collab list is maybe only scores of customers with total users only few 100K?).

    At this time, there are no plans to enable Cisco Collaboration onprem apps on any other infra stacks.

    1. Cisco Collaboration strategic focus/priority continues to be onprem to cloud, not onprem replatform or broadening onprem infra stack support. Most of the "not ESXi" asks including AHV are motivated by concerns over ops costs and/or simplicity....which cloud collaboration can address if airgap not mandated.

    2. For preferred infra stacks, the market continues to be highly fragmented ... besides AHV, we still get asks for all the hypervisors, all the container-hosts, all the public cloud infra vendors and all the open-source options ... with no 1-2 favorites emerging that will cover 80% of the market. While AHV uptake is high in HCI segment, it's one of many amidst all these other options so effectively low.

    3. The Broadcom situation is still early, need to see what reality will look like for customer impact (e.g. in typical Collab-centric deployments, costs for hardware support and Collab Flex Plan user subscriptions dwarf ESXi STD costs ... remains to be seen how much post-Broadcom will change).

    4. Realistically, ESXi support will need to be sustained as installed base tends to be slow to move and some customers may be locked in. Many of these customers are on DAS/SAN/NAS/HCI from various vendors, so ESXi will be needed to maintain support as AHV only supports Nutanix-HCI (and we can't count on all those customers making a technology change just to get AHV).

    5. We'll continue to monitor the situation and please do add your Collab customers and user counts to this list.

  • Robert Logan commented
    26 Jan 05:04pm

    This has already come up for Catalyst Center several times from my customer discussions, as well as a handful of C8000v discussions. This should be prioritized by the BUs

  • Wes Noonan commented
    26 Jan 03:29pm

    100% We can't announce a strategic partnership with Nutanix and kill HX and not have support to run Cisco UC on Nutanix pretty much immediately after announcement.