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Add "They wait in the lobby until they’re admitted" and "Automatically lock option" for secure webinar.

Please add "They wait in the lobby until they’re admitted" the option for webex webinars as users with attendee join link can join also Automatically lock. This is very sensitive for the customers. Webex webinars security is not like other webex session types.

  • Mohammed Abu Ali
  • Jan 26 2024
  • Jose Nogueira commented
    26 Jan 05:34pm

    We have noticed that the security related to Webex have changed and are experiencing serious security breaches ever since.

    Using Webex Attendees List anyone with the Webex link can join, even fake emails!

    Sample Webex doc mentioning this feature in section Scheduled meeting room lobby of this doc (among others we came across)

    Other documentation checked (plus several more, either from Webex and also other sources):

    1. All of the Settings and Actions you can do with WebEx Webinars ->

    2. Manage options in Webex Meetings and Webex Webinars ->

    3. Add attendees to webinars ->

    4. Webex Webinars Attendee Support for Cisco Devices (also see note: Webinars that require Sign-In or Registration will only be accessible to devices that are registered on the same organization as the Webinar is hosted on) ->

    5. Please also check the Security options and Registration options in the Webinar scheduling screen. Some of the choices might limit the access of attendees.

    So, we ask you to please provide us with the working step-by-step to make webinars (whatever the name) on Webex, only for users within the Attendees List, internal and external. No need to approve 1:1 as they have already been uploaded there (hence, pre-approved).

    • Create a Webex Webinar

    • Upload to the Attendees List the users that will be able to join this specific Webinar (it doesn't matter if they are from inside or outside the organization... there are cases where external users are invited). Preferably upload by CSV (I don't think it will be easy to upload 600+ per copy/paste).

    • Alternatively we can use Google SSO, but it seems to us that by activating this, it does not allow any other method (we have tried)... only Google SSO. This being the case, it is not possible for someone to log in without having a Google mail. Hence, deactivated again.

    • Those who are on this Attendees List, are automatically accepted into the Webinar/Meeting (we don't care if they have to register first or not... but we can't confirm/accept 1:1 on a list of hundreds).

    • Those who are not, are put on hold or rejected (no matter how they got hands on the links to the webinar).

    Please let us know how this works... we just need a step-by-step, preference with a few screenshots to confirm that we see what you see.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation