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Webex App Supported Versions Info Update

We'd strongly request to have

'The up-to-date list of Webex App supported versions info for both standard and slow-channel sites'

updated monthly on, let's say, Help Center, Community Site, or whatever we can easily find out what specific versions are currently being supported with.

We can already find multiple support policies mentioned on Help Center articles, though especially for slow-channel sites, they are quite confusing and even require some calculation and more often than not we don't get to have the accurate info from them while the profuct is being updated on a monthly basis.

Thus, some easy-to-understand list that gets udated monthly would be essential for us.

We'd higly appreciate it if you could consider this possibility carefully so that we, a partner, can support our customers more smoothly and efficiently.

Thank you.

  • Akiko Hayasaka
  • Feb 5 2024