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User would like to add an optional setting on the management site or through SDK/API setting so that "optimized for all voices" of Smart audio setting can be maintained by default.

1. After logging in to the account to participate in the meeting, select "Optimize for all voices" before exiting the meeting. You can keep this setting the next time you participate in the meeting.

2. However, if the guest participates in a meeting, or uninstalls the app after each exit, and then reinstalls the app when participating in the next meeting, the "Optimize for all voices" setting in the previous meeting will not be maintained,will return to the original "Noise removal" setting.

3.So , user is looking for a way to set the default setting to "Optimize for all devices".

  • Hong Nan
  • Feb 9 2024
  • Need more info
  • Darrick Deel commented
    14 Feb 05:59pm

    I would be helpful to understand the actual use case that would be enabled by this. Optimize for all voices is targeting use cases where customers were using mulitple microphones and the client instead of dedicated room endpoint hardware. In these use cases they wouldn't be deleting the application between meetings. It isn't clear why the application needs to be deleted or if Optimize for My Voice is the correct optimization for the use case. If this is a user joining occasional meetings as a guest, It is more likely the appropriate optimization is Noise removal or Optimize for my voice. ny additional calrifications can help us get the correct prioirty assigned to the ask.