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Request for Browser-Based Webex App Remote Control Access

I am writing to request remote control access via the Webex app when scheduling or joining meetings directly from the browser interface. As an active user of Webex for collaborative meetings and presentations, I have found that the ability to remotely control shared content greatly enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of our meetings. However, I have encountered limitations when attempting to access this feature through the browser-based version of the Webex app. Given the increasing reliance on browser-based interactions, especially in remote or hybrid work environments, having the capability to control shared content directly from the browser would significantly streamline our workflows and improve our overall productivity. Therefore, I kindly request that the necessary steps be taken to enable remote control access within the browser interface of the Webex app. I believe that this enhancement would not only benefit my own team but also numerous other users who rely on the browser version for their meeting needs.

  • Dipu Ghelani
  • Feb 19 2024