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WxAC Dialpad Support for In-Call DTMF - Attendant Console

SUMMARY: The currently implemented release of the Imagicle Attendant Console does not have the capability of answering IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems from the console view.

DETAIL: After placing an outbound call, from the WxAC console view, if an IVR answers the call prompting for dialpad responses (e.g. press 1 for optionA, press 2 for optionB, etc.), then there is no way to provide the responses.

WORKAROUND: Currently, the only way to answer these IVR responses is to bring up the Webex call window and provide the responses there (i.e. either pressing the keyboard numbers or using the call window's dialpad).

BACKGROUND: Webex recommends, to maintain focus in the WxAC console view, to minimize all call windows, to ensure that the 'attendant' doesn't switch back and forth between the Attendant Console product and the Webex call windows. Not having in-call dial-pad capabilities breaks the recommended design, by necessitating that the 'attendant' bring that call window into focus; inefficient design.

  • Greg Leggett
  • Feb 22 2024
  • Future consideration