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Are code based routing

We would like to routed incoming calls based off of area codes to hunt groups and call ques, here is a purposed interface

Configuring area code-based incoming call routing to a hunt group or call queue in Webex Calling involves creating rules that direct calls based on the caller's area code to specific groups within your organization designed to handle those calls.

Here's a general step-by-step guide on how to set this up

  1. Access Webex Control Hub: First, you will need to log in to the Webex Control Hub ( with your administrator account.

  2. Go to Calling Administration: Once you're in the Control Hub, navigate to the "Calling" section, which allows you to manage all telephony-related settings.

  3. Hunt Group or Call Queue: Decide whether you want to create a hunt group or call queue. A hunt group distributes calls in a specific order or simultaneously to a group of users, while a call queue places incoming calls in line to be answered by the next available representative.

    • For a Hunt Group:

      • Go to "Features" and select "Hunt Groups."

      • Click "Add Hunt Group" and fill in the necessary information like name, extension, and members.

    • For a Call Queue:

      • Go to "Features" and select "Call Queues."

      • Click "Add Call Queue" and configure it according to your needs, such as queue name, hold music, members, and so on.

  4. Set Up Call Routing: To direct calls based on the caller's area code, you'll need to set up call routing rules.

    • Go to "Call Routing" and select "Direct Routing."

    • Click "Add Route" and begin configuring your routing rule.

    • Under the criteria for the rule, select "Incoming Caller ID" and specify the area code you want to target. You can use wildcard characters if needed to cover multiple area codes with similar patterns.

    • Choose the action to direct the calls to the previously configured hunt group or call queue.

  5. Test Your Configuration: After setting up the routing rule, it's important to test it to ensure that it is working correctly. You can do this by calling from a phone number with the specified area code and observing whether the call is routed to the correct group.

  6. Adjust as Needed: Based on the results of your testing, adjust the routing rules and group settings as necessary to achieve the desired behavior.

  • David Ault
  • Feb 28 2024
  • Future consideration