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in Webex calling enable transfer call-in Webex meetings to another phone

If Webex calling user calls the Webex meetings call-in numbers he cannot transfer the call to another user.

This function is used by Chief and his backoffice.

BackOffice join the meeting with call-in numbers and than transfer the call to his chief

All calls to Call-in Webex meetings number from Webex calling users remain ad is managed in the cloud even if a local gateway is configured in the location.

The only way to do the tranfer is configure the call routing with all Call-in Webex meetings numbers and join from PSTN, this is impossible if the Org is split in more countries

  • Matteo Masetti
  • Feb 29 2024
  • Will not implement
  • Admin
    Sanjay Sinha commented
    7 Apr 06:58am

    can the assistant invite the executive to the meeting. When executive joins, the assistant drops out of the conference

  • Matteo Masetti commented
    5 Mar 02:39pm

    Hi Sanjay, that doesn't work with meetings number also, when i resume from chief phone shared line the call remains on back office phone.

    If this procedure works i would lose the attended transfer.

  • Admin
    Sanjay Sinha commented
    3 Mar 03:35pm

    Here is one way to do this:
    The backoffice can have a shared line with the chief. The backoffice joins the meeting using the shared line. The backoffice puts meeting on hold and the chief can join the meeting from the shared line appearance