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ToDo list in Webex Teams


will it be possible to create ToDo lists for the Spaces?

My idea is, that any space have own ToDo list (or participants can create ToDo list, if is needed).

The ToDo is new tab like Messages/People/Content/Schedule

In the ToDo is:

  • list / cards (maybe for best design) of all active tasks

  • list of completed tasks

  • button for add new task in a form.

Each participiant can add Tasks for another participiant or participiants in the space with:

  1. To whom the task is assigned (list of the peoples in the Space)

  2. Subject

  3. Description

  4. Date of completion

  5. Priority (normal/high).

There will be automaticaly sended notifications in the space with text like "The user created task with Subject for this participant/participiants ", and notifications in private message with:

  • new task (when is created)

    • Creator

    • Subject

    • Description

    • Priority

    • Date of completion

    • Team task, if is more participiants in the task.

  • list of the Tasks for this day (sended at 6AM)

    • Priority

    • Task subject

    • Space

  • list of the Tasks in the next day completion for information (sended at 6AM)

    • Priority

    • Task subject

    • Space

If the Task is completed, there is automaticaly notified the creator about that in private message.

The Creator can reenable the completed task with new date of completion (or same date if is urgent) and add description, if is needed any additions. There will be notified the user with information about reopened the task, date of completion and new description.

Thank you

  • Guest
  • Nov 4 2020
  • Future consideration