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Webex Calling: Phone Service Hijacking

I know the idea title seems sensational, but I couldn't find a shorter way to describe the issue.

DETAIL: Webex Calling services are initiated when the client starts. If Webex Calling is already running on another computer, for that user, then the Calling services are stolen from the previous computer. This issue is compounded if Webex is deployed with 'AUTOSTART_WITH_WINDOWS=true', since a user logging into multiple computers with Webex installed will continually force the Webex Calling service to be pulled to the last computer that was launched.

WORKAROUND: None. Even if Webex app did not automatically start up and was manually launched, the calling services would still be pulled to the newly launched app.

BACKGROUND: To ensure that the Webex Calling service is used effectively, the application is deployed with the setting to start when the computer is logged into. This strategy is not in dispute, but since the Calling service automatically assumes control when starting, it creates an undesired scenario of losing phone services on the user's primary device.

REQUESTED CHANGE: The Webex app should check to see if phone services are already being used and prompt user to connect if already in use.

  • Greg Leggett
  • Mar 5 2024