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Allow right-click on a webex space and 'ignore' which greys out the space so that you no longer see highlighting of the space for new messages.

Being in lots of Webex spaces is useful and great when you need to check a space or ask for something in a particular space, however, with the current implementation of notifications in the settings being 'All messages', 'Direct messages and @mentions', 'Custom' and 'Off'. These settings don't stop the white highlighting of spaces you are part of so that it means you inevitably spend time each day quickly opening spaces scrolling past the messages as you know you aren't interested in them just to get rid of the highlighting.

If you have ever used Discord, they handle this very well, you can right-click a chat and choose to 'mute' it, from that point onward the chat will be greyed out but still visible, you will no longer see a white highlighted link to the space when new messages are posted however you will do so when you are either @tagged or an @all is posted and you can still check it when you need to.

I can't be the only one that thinks this should be implemented already as it is distracting when you have Webex open on a side monitor and can see constant messages coming through that cause you to context switch from what you are doing to check it. This context switching causes you to drop out of the 'flow state' which actually makes people less productive.

  • Jacob Frazer
  • Mar 11 2024
  • Already exists
  • Guest commented
    2 May 06:48pm

    I'd see "ignore" like an alternative to "hide" that just marks that space as "read" automatically - so it's still in my list and I can see that there was activity based on how recent it was, but I don't get the "unread message" marker or notifications distracting me.

  • Admin
    Yessica Dupont commented
    17 Mar 10:21am

    We also have the option to hide a space which then moves it to a hidden category which you can always check from your filters section if you choose. This removes if from your view to reduce clutter but does not remove you so that if you would like to revisit the space you can still go look at activity.