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Request for Customized Device Report in Webex Control Hub

Subject: Request for Customized Device Report in Webex Control Hub

Dear [Webex Support],

I am currently looking to generate a specific report in the Webex Control Hub that details our organization's devices by type and location. This report is intended to assist with inventory management and to ensure efficient tracking of our communication assets.

Report Requirements:

  1. Device Type Filter: Ability to filter devices specifically by the Yealink phone models.

  2. Location Filter: Option to sort or filter these devices based on their registered locations within our organization.

  3. Export Capability: The report should be exportable in a common format such as CSV or Excel for offline analysis and record-keeping.

  4. Frequency and Schedule: If possible, I would like to schedule this report to be generated on a monthly basis and sent to the designated email addresses.


The purpose of this customized report is to:

  • Monitor the registration status and health of our Yealink devices across all locations.

  • Ensure that all devices are accounted for and correctly provisioned.

  • Identify trends in device usage and potential issues relating to specific locations or device types.


As I understand, the Webex Control Hub provides analytics and reporting features that might be tailored to our needs. If direct customization is not possible within the Control Hub, I seek guidance on alternative means, such as using APIs or external tools, to create this report.

Could you please assist me in setting up this report or direct me to the appropriate resources or personnel who can?

Additional Information:

  • Number of devices: Approximately 1000 Yealink phones.

  • Locations: Multiple, as per our organization's operational geography.

Thank you for your attention to this request. I am available for any meetings or discussions necessary to facilitate the creation of this report.

Best regards,

  • David Ault
  • Mar 14 2024
  • Planned
  • Admin
    Alec Walker commented
    23 Apr 11:36am

    We are planning to launch a device inventory report in late CY2024/early CY2025.