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Move Workspaces to another location as suggested in the documentation

Dear Control Hub Development Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to propose a new feature that would significantly enhance the functionality of the Control Hub for administrators.

Feature Request Overview: Currently, within the Control Hub, administrators have the ability to edit various details of a workspace, such as its name, type, and associated devices, as outlined in the documentation available at However, one key feature that seems to be missing, and has been suggested by our administrative team, is the ability to change the physical location of a workspace within the Control Hub interface.

Rationale: Organizations are dynamic, and the physical layout and office locations can frequently change. The ability to update the location of a workspace to reflect these changes without having to delete and recreate the workspace would greatly streamline administrative tasks. This would not only save time but also reduce the risk of errors or device reconfiguration issues that can arise during workspace recreation.

Proposed Solution: We kindly request that the development team consider adding a feature that allows administrators to edit the location field of an existing workspace. This could be implemented as an additional option within the 'Edit workspace' section, enabling a simple and efficient way to update workspace locations.


  • Streamlined management of workspaces for administrators.

  • Reduced administrative overhead when moving workspaces between locations.

  • Enhanced accuracy of workspace data within the organization.

  • Improved user experience for both administrators and end-users who rely on the accuracy of workspace information.

We believe that by implementing this feature, the Control Hub will offer a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience for administrators managing workspaces. We are confident that many other customers would also benefit from this enhancement.

Thank you for considering this feature request. We appreciate the continuous efforts to improve the Control Hub and look forward to your positive response.

Best regards,

  • David Ault
  • Mar 18 2024