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Webex Control Hub: RBAC Functionality

This enhancement is primarily focused for Webex Calling but is applicable to organizations that use other Webex services (e.g. Meetings).

SUMMARY: Control Hub (CH) currently has a limited feature set for delegating administrative tasks to junior support personnel. Requesting to have Admin Roles with more granularity. Currently Admin Roles are not granular enough for Org managed business needs.

DETAIL: There are currently four main types of Admin Roles in CH, as of this time this request is being written; Org Admin, User and Device Admin, Device Admin and Location Admin (not considering Support Admin, since it only permits read access to analytic data).


BACKGROUND: Our organization has traditionally had calling functions separated to various groups; onboarding/offboarding, general local site administration, and Org wide troubleshooting and administration. Having an RBAC feature where custom roles could be created and assigned with specific rights would be ideal.


  • Requires access to User and Device Admin functions.

    • The Admin Role needed for this is currently available and covered.

Local site administration

  • Requires access to:

    • Add/Replace user devices (MPP phones)

    • Add Workspaces and their associated devices

    • Add Virtual Lines and assign them to personnel in their locations/regions

    • Add/Edit Hunt Groups

    • Modify Call Queue Agents

    • Assign Attendant Console license

    • Modify Device layouts

    • Various other tasks that involve local personnel and their assigned devices

    • The Admin Role(s) needed for this are currently NOT available

  • Limitations of currently available Roles:

    • Location Admin: the following are not available:

      • Add/Delete Workspaces

      • Add Devices

      • Add/Delete/Assign Virtual Lines

    • User and Device Admin: the following are not available:

      • Add/Delete Workspaces

      • Any of the Calling Services features

    • Org Admin

      • This role is too expansive and could lead to Administrative issues with the number of 'Local Site' Admins that we would have to assign.

Org Admin

  • Nothing else needed for this, since it has all available rights that are currently available to customers.

  • Greg Leggett
  • Mar 19 2024