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Disable internal Browser when opening URLs from the "Apps" Section

Default is that URL-Apps, which are added to spaces are opened with the Buildin Browser.

After opening the URL it is possible to launch it with the Clients Browser, instead the embedded Webex Browser.

Please allow the user to choose if the URLs should be immediatly opened with the Browser of their choise.

  • Johannes Ebner
  • Mar 21 2024
  • Already exists
  • Admin
    Yessica Dupont commented
    14 May 03:31pm

    Is it just that the below option does not open in the default browser or that it does not render as expected, or maybe both? a few details on what the issue is in how it renders?

  • Guest commented
    14 May 02:46pm

    Popping out is not the solution.

    The embedded browser may not render the customer’s enterprise application the way they need it to. The configuration of the URLs for the tabs should have an option whether to open the URL either in the embedded browser or in the OS’s default browser.

  • Axel Kruener commented
    14 May 01:16pm

    That's the problem: webex's default has bad ux and there is no way of skipping the bad ux. The built-in browser always makes the messages disappear by drawing over almost the entire application window. Opening the same site in the default browser can only be done afterwards.
    If you are convinced this is still a good idea, then please make it at least configurable (per instance and/or per client).

  • Admin
    Yessica Dupont commented
    14 May 08:03am

    theres is the option to pop out the window into its own browser window.

  • Axel Kruener commented
    21 Mar 01:38pm


    Those URLs are very valuable for managing communities within webex spaces, but I really don't like the fact that they don't open in my default browser (which is customized to the users needs) vs a webview that blocks the view to the chat window and feels very alien to me.

    Please change the default to open in the default browser of the OS!