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Allow any number in organization to be set for Outbound Caller ID

Please remove restriction on outbound caller id for user. Currently you can only set outbound caller id by call queue, hunt group, or location number. Please alllow ability to set any number in organization as outbound caller id.

  • Tyson Meierotto
  • Mar 21 2024
  • Already exists
  • Tyson Meierotto commented
    15 May 07:34pm

    Can you confirm if this feature works with virtual lines?

  • Tyson Meierotto commented
    14 May 01:39pm

    We have opened another TAC case today. Will see what they say. Currenlty this feature is not working.

  • Tyson Meierotto commented
    12 Apr 12:28pm

    We have already opened a TAC case on this. It doesn't work. All of our locations are in the same country and same PSTN provider. Any help would be appreicated

  • Admin
    Basant Kumar Basavaraj commented
    11 Apr 09:29pm

    You can add a number from another location with the same PSTN provider and country as this user. If this criteria is not met, system will not allow to choose a cross-location number. If you still see an issue in spite of meeting the criteria, suggest creating a TAC case.

  • Tyson Meierotto commented
    11 Apr 09:06pm

    Screenshot attached of error when we set Caller ID to number from another location.

  • Tyson Meierotto commented
    11 Apr 09:02pm

    This does not work. We just tried this again. We go here. Users > "Example User" > Calling > Caller ID > External caller ID phone number > Other number from organziation > Select Number from location user does not belong to > Save > Error occurred while updating Caller ID settings. TrackingID: ATLAS_5bd78c91-447e-410c-b1b1-ddbc93229196_9

  • Admin
    Basant Kumar Basavaraj commented
    11 Apr 08:47pm

    You can assign a cross location number (any number in the organization) as a caller ID for a user. Please refer this article.

    Use "Other number from organization" field under Management > Users > Numbers > Caller ID > External Caller ID Phone Number

    Additional external caller ID phone numbers can be used as well.