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Invite attendees to a WEbex meeting using phone number using Webex Calling

Within a Webex Meeting, the host is trying to invite attendees using phone numbers instead of email addresses. The Webex Organization where the host belongs does not have a Callback Subscription. However, has Webex Calling licenses.

#Steps to reproduce: Start a Webex Meeting->Click on the three dots->Invite People->Add a Phone Number

#Current Behavior:

The host is not able to invite the people. Is getting the error "We can´t find anyone who matches your search. Enter an email address in the format to invite this person".

The error is expected when the customer does not have a CallBack subscription (supportCallback:[false]).

#Expected Behavior:

The host should be able to invite attendees using either a Callback Subscription or by using Webex calling.


Please help to provide a backend server solution to trigger Webex Calling callback calls if there is no Callback subscription. So the customer won´t need to buy a new CallBack subscription.

  • Daniel Padilla Esquivel
  • Mar 21 2024